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Pharmaceutical sales, marketing and distribution services from Batswadi

Supporting pharmaceutical development, marketing, distribution & sales

Pharmaceutical sales & marketing

As experts in the African pharmaceutical market, Batswadi has access to a large network of health care professionals and service providers. We have introduced, advertised and marketed many local and international products by developing strategies that are tailored for the African market.

Health Care Consulting

With deep industry experience, insight and technical support, Batswadi delivers a broad advisory services to meet the unique needs of health care policy-makers, providers and payers.

Biotechnological advances

We have partnered with leading multi-national biotechnology companies to bring groundbreaking medical products and technology to Africa. At Batswadi we believe in combining innovative biotechnological advances with traditional medicine to provide a holistic approach to health management. Our main therapeutic areas are oncology, metabolic disease, rheumatology and rare diseases.

Devices & diagnostics

Batswadi has partnered with medical device manufacturers to develop technology that will aid in the diagnosis and treatment of specific diseases. Our goal is to:

•    Make device developments affordable and accessible in Africa
•    Launch a collection of diagnostic products of the highest quality
•    Provide technology required by patients and medical professionals

Named patient sales

Named patient programmes give patients access to pre-approval drugs in cases where other treatments have been ruled out or are simply unavailable. Batswadi will provide, if requested by a physician, controlled access to drugs that are available in larger markets but not approved in the local market.